If a STD is employed, it is possible to change seals with the vessel loaded and under pressure (shaft must be stationary!). Installation dimensions according to DIN 28138 Part 1 are possible. Material properties have to be taken into account.


Can be installed in each position.

Operating range

Shaft diameter:
d3 = 40 ... 200 mm (1.57" ... 7.87")
Pressure: p1 = 16 bar (232 PSI)
Temperature: t = +100 °C (+212 °F)

Elastomer sealing element (Item no. 1) with pneumatic or hydraulic actuation
(closing pressure p4 > p1).

! It should be noted that the extremal values of each operating parameter cannot be applied at the same time because of their interaction.


This seal can only be used if the product does not harden or congeal during the shut down period or for sterile operation (fermenting vessels). Not available in PTFE.

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